Brand Launch & Pop-Up Shop December 15 2014

On 10th December we celebrated our brand launch and the opening of the first ever Atissu pop-up. Hosted by the northandsouth ideas gallery in Highgate, our pop-up ran for four days (Dec 11th – 14th) and was a huge success. We sold over 270 packs and are delighted to have received great feedback on both our brand idea and our debut collection. A big thank you to everyone for attending.

Located on Highgate High Street, northandsouth ideas gallery provided a great space to showcase our creations.

The Atissu Christmas tree

Fox & Co and Tiger & Co were bought by a Swedish lady and jetted off to Stockholm - as Christmas presents!

‘I am going to buy this for my nephew because he does not like blowing his nose. Maybe this box can change his mind!’ (Lisa) - comments like that made us smile.

Budding artists at work: Atissu kids’ competition. Thank you for the lovely and inspiring entries!