About Us

Hello, we are lifestyle brand Atissu, and we are on a mission to make everyday objects more lovely.

Our debut range of contemporary boxed tissues has been single-mindedly conceived to complement beautiful modern interiors, offering something desirable for the design conscious. We work closely with both up-and-coming, as well as established illustrators and textile designers, to create original designs with personality.

Created by Sam Dumont, an experienced brand expert and packaging designer, Atissu was launched as a brand to challenge convention - by taking everyday functional (and frequently dull) products, and turning them into something lovely.
Being a lover of contemporary design and print (and someone that spends a little too much time browsing home accessories) Sam felt that there were a few ‘everyday’ products that could do with a bit of extra love. And, after a little deliberation decided that there was no better place to start than to give the humble tissue box a make-over.

So here we are with our debut collection; 12 striking new designs that you won’t want to hide. We’re right at the beginning of our journey, we hope that you like it so far.

Atissu. A little bit of lovely everyday