Loopzart - Ali Loopz

Illustrator Ali Loopz lives and works in Hong Kong where she creates super-cute characters, all with an edge of cool. We found Ali on Etsy, and just loved the bold, graphic simplicity of Ali’s Animal Faces.

We are delighted to feature these cute little guys in our debut collection: Meet Fox & Co and Tiger & Co, a lovable family of 8 new characters, plus more of their buddies to follow soon - in 2015.

Loopzart started four years ago, when Ali and her husband were looking for some contemporary art for their daughter. Disappointed with what they could find, they started designing their own prints. Today the couple run a successful online shop selling contemporary handmade art.

We think the success of Loopz’s designs is in the appeal to kids of all ages, even grown-up ones.